Kandahar Economic Development and Export Level Press Conference

Kandahar Governor Hayatullah Hayat, Afghanistan's Airports Development Commission, said that Kandahar-based national entrepreneurs, investors and industrialists were assured of investing in six major projects to boost economic development and export levels. Information was shared with media representatives from the Secretariat's Chief, Nasrullah Sahibzada, Director of the Agricultural Products and Livestock Chamber, Kandahar Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Kandahar Minerals and Industries Chamber and Kandahar Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Governor of Kandahar said that for the development of economic development and export level of the province, the national traders, investors and industrialists of Kandahar province have implemented seven major projects for the solar year, which will invest more than US $ 100 million. Make promises.

Sahibzada reiterated that he had come to Kandahar a week ago on the directive of the President of the country on 7/4/8, to hold regular meetings with investors and industrialists here, asking them to look into the priorities. Select the projects for the first year that you want to invest in and set up a comprehensive plan for the coming years.
He said that after long-term investment, the investors have been promised to implement six projects in one year after the agreement with the government, and will implement a long-term plan for the coming years.